#YATISRACE Starts Today!

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TODAY! WEAR Blue, Snap-A-Selfie, Join The Race #YATISRACE  “We speak to make a difference… Young people YOU MATTER… Remember that.”  Join us on Twitter @RootedBlend NOW. Snap & Post your pic.

Thank you for supporting our fight to change Mental Health for ages 16-29.




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Negativity and destruction should not be at mind

Family and togetherness is what we shall bind

We can think about the wrongs or think of what’s right

Try to stay happy because it brings warmth in your chest

Happiness is important in a process that involves mending

Have faith and believe in God when you feel it bending

Bending arms, legs, or fingers but you can take control

This story will be made public it should not be left untold

Friends, Families, and Strangers find a way to whisper knowledge

No degree can match what has already been learned

Like a bottle in water, we wonder where it will flow

I keep everything inside, but now I want to express it

There’s a lot I’ve dealt with and I didn’t get it off my chest

Wear Blue, Snap-A-Selfie, & Join The Race…. #YATISRACE

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Runners… on your mark, get set, GO! We have an open invitational for youngsters (ages 16 -29)… who are unique, and wonderfully MADE. We need the minds of those who are struggling over the things that keep their thoughts spinning, and their bodies completely worn out. We would love it if everyone who is faced with PTSD, Psychosis, Bipolar Disorder, or Anxiety to SIGN UP for this race by wearing the color BLUE on March 27th. A VOICE has the power to expose the misunderstood conceptions of racing thoughts, delusional perceptions, and depression.

  • This EVENT will be held on Twitter @RootedBlend & Instagram @RootedBlend
  • Outreach for ages 16-29… but all ages are welcome to support
  • Wear ANYTHING that is the color blue
  • SNAP-A-PIC… and use the hashtag #YATISRACE
  • Tweet us… Tell us how you deal with racing thoughts, sleepless nights, PTSD, Bipolar, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, and etc.

“Our family is new to the world of mental health.There are so many questions that have not been answered since this event has happened in my sons life. We are in hope that this outreach will help us to get the support that we need in order to offer more “pro-active” care programs, cognitive therapy sessions, and manage the proper medication dosage closely.”

– A Single Mom’s Voice

We hope and pray that ALL who join will STAND in agreement.

RBTB Family