Keeping The Door Open

In RBTB Blog on August 19, 2013 at 11:04 pm
My Background
I was raised by both of my parents, but my mom was the heart-beat of our home. She cooked, cleaned, and was always available to anyone who needed her.
I don’t believe I ever heard my mom complain. She was a woman who just catered to the family. Dinner was at 6:30 everyday. Not just during the weekdays- everyday! My mother was able to keep this schedule because she worked part-time. My dad was the soul provider for our house, which made our mom available for us- whenever we needed her. One thing about my parents – they both believed that our front door should stay open- literally. Our friends or anyone who stopped by our house during dinner time was always welcome to stay. Back then, I thought every mom was just like her.
Two Different Households
It wasn’t until I met my best friend Patrick that made me realize how difficult it can be to raise kids as a single parent. His mom lived a disciplined life… she always worked. On her days off she went food shopping and ran errands. On Saturdays, it was movie night. Patrick’s mom would take us to Blockbusters to get a movie. I think they had a deal that you could get free popcorn when you purchased three blockbuster movies…we loved that part.Patrick’s mom was a hard working single mom.She worked two jobs and was always working against the clock. Pat had an older sister by the name of Lisa,16. Lisa would help out by boiling hot dogs or making whatever Ms. Kelly wanted.Now that I look back, I can actually say thank God it was just Patrick and his sister because the burden Ms.Kelly had to carry was a heavy one.When Patrick came by -my mom would always ask him how was his mom. Not thinking anything of it, he never left our house without something to bring home. My mom would automatically cut three slices of cake or send him home with a pan of left overs.I thought my mom was just trying to get rid of the food, but of course – I was wrong. My mom saw a woman struggling and pitched in to help her. Patrick would take what my mom gave him and there was no embarrassment in it what -so -ever. He was a part of our family and his mom and sister were always welcome to all of our holiday gatherings. We would run back and forth to each others house and basically it was like having two homes. It was pretty cool.
We Made It
I’m 42 years old now. I’m married and I have two children of my own.Our household does not run the way my mom and dad raised us, but we embrace the important ones. We always eat dinner together and my children’s chosen friends are welcome in our home at anytime.You never know who’s family may need you. My household follows the same tradition. Our doors will always stay open.Oh by the way, Patrick is an Engineer and is the sole provider in his home. His wife does not work. She raises three lovely kids. I’m proud of him.Patrick’s inspiration was in seeing how my house was raised. He followed in my families footsteps.
Life is Amazing!
  1. This was how my family was…and still is! My mom has taken in Russian male order brides that have been tossed aside, and every one of he children at point that has failed in a part of their lives! My dad has taken in several “Patrick’s” or more when necessary! We are a close knit family, but I find it very rare! I love my family so much!!!

    • Very interesting. We have to get to know you better. Our company’s foundation is rooted on diffferent lifestyles, and traditions of multi-cultured families.
      Glad to hear that YOUR family was close knit.That’s what a family is all about.(@TIA)

  2. Awesome story…. absolutely love it!!! You are very fortunate.

  3. I am a single mom. It is hard even though they have their Dad. I have a neighbor who we have adopted as an honorary grandmother. She is always cooking and helping. It really does take a village to raise a family 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Uncommon Sense and commented:
    It takes a village to raise a family. Remember to give thanks to all those neighbors and friends who help you to stay sane as a single parent. Show your appreciation as often as you can.

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